Review of "The Twilight Zone™ Radio Dramas"
by listener CHRIS OLSEN

Thank you for doing what you do.  I'm 41...just old enough to really remember radio before the onslaught of television.  I was raised on CBS Radio Mystery Theater (current at the time of my childhood) and the numerous other dramas replayed from their originations in the 40s-60s.  I thought all was lost regarding over-the-air broadcast of excellent radio drama.  Then I stumbled upon Twilight Zone radio dramas on Seattle AM radio station KIXI which plays music from the 30s-60s (not my era for music, that's for sure).  Since Twilight Zone the original television series is one of my favs, the fact that the episodes were now available for the theater of my mind was absolutely wonderful.

I look forward to listening each Saturday and Sunday nights at 9pm.  I plan my weekends around it.  Yes, I could buy all the available CDs, and I have purchased many, there is just something more magical about tuning in to find out which episode you've picked for me to hear.  I save the CDs for mid-week or for the long trips in the car.

30-Fathom Grave is my favorite episode.  Haunting, for sure.  Mike Starr is, by far, my favorite actor on the show.  He really has a knack for acting his parts for the ear.

Thank you for giving us the magic of these radio dramas.  The images I see in my mind when listening to your shows is far more fulfilling than anything I could simply see on a screen.   Please, keep the shows coming.  Don't stop.  It's the best entertainment on the airwaves.    


Chris Olsen

Bremerton, WA



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