volume 1 - item #5000
“A Kind of Stopwatch” - Starring: Lou Diamond Phillips
“The Lateness of the Hour" - Starring: Jane Seymour and James Keach
“The Thirty - Fathom Grave” - Starring: Blair Underwood
“The Man in the Bottle” - Starring: Ed Begley, Jr.
“Night of the Meek” - Starring: Chris McDonald
“The After Hours” - Starring: Kim Fields
“Mr. Dingle, The Strong” - Starring: Tim Kazurinsky
“A Stop at Willoughby” - Starring: Chelcie Ross
“The Lonely” - Starring: Mike Starr
“Of Late I Think of Cliffordville” - Starring: H. M. Wynant
volume 7 - item #5006
“Five Characters In Search of An Exit” - Starring: Jason Alexander
“The Arrival” - Starring: Blair Underwood
“Queen of the Nile” - Starring: Kate Jackson
“I Dream of Genie” - Starring: Hal Sparks
“It's A Good Life” - Starring: Mike Starr
“The Masks” - Starring: Stan Freberg
“Mr. Bevis” - Starring: Bruno Kirby
“Showdown With Rance McGrew” - Starring: Chris McDonald
“The Old Man in the Cave” - Starring: Adam Baldwin
“Ninety Years Without Slumbering” - Starring: Bill Erwin
volume 2 - item #5001
"The Obsolete Man" - Starring: Jason Alexander
“The Bard" - Starring: John Ratzenberger & Stacy Keach
“Back There” - Starring: Jim Caviezel
“A Short Drink From a Certain Fountain” - Starring: Adam West
“Nervous Man in A Four Dollar Room” - Starring: Adam Baldwin
“The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street” - Starring: Frank John Hughes
“Mr. Garrity and the Graves” - Starring: Chris McDonald
“Escape Clause” - Starring: Mike Starr
“Four O'Clock” - Starring: Stan Freberg
“Uncle Simon” - Starring: Peter Mark Richman & Beverly Garland
volume 8 - item #5007
“The Howling Man” - Starring: Fred Willard
“Caesar and Me” - Starring: Jason Alexander
“The Self Improvement of Salvadore Ross” - Starring: Luke Perry
“Time Element” - Starring: Bobby Slayton
“The Mind and the Matter” - Starring: Hal Sparks
“People Are Alike All Over” - Starring: Blair Underwood
“What You Need” - Starring: Bruno Kirby & Bruce Kirby
“Dead Man's Shoes” - Starring: Bill Smitrovich
“What's In the Box” - Starring: Mike Starr
“Death's Head Revisited” - Starring: H. M. Wynant
volume 3 - item #5002
“The Fear” - Starring: Jane Seymour & James Keach
“The Parallel” - Starring: Lou Diamond Phillips
“A Hundred Yards Over the Rim” - Starring: Jim Caviezel
“One for the Angels” - Starring: Ed Begley, Jr
“The Midnight Sun” - Starring: Kim Fields
“The Rip Van Winkle Caper” - Starring: Tim Kazurinsky
“A Most Unusual Camera” - Starring: Mike Starrr
“Twenty Two” - Starring: Andrea Evans
“Walking Distance” - Starring: Chelcie Ross
“The Passersby” - Starring: Morgan Brittany
volume 9 - item #5008
“To Serve Man” - Starring: Blair Underwood
“A World of Difference” - Starring: Luke Perry
“From Agnes With Love” - Starring: Ed Begley, Jr
“Perchance To Dream” - Starring: Fred Willard
“The Purple Testament” - Starring: Michael Rooker
“Printer's Devil” - Starring: Bobby Slayton
“Dust” - Starring: Bill Smitrovich
“Jeopardy Room” - Starring: Yasen Peyankov
“The Fugitive” - Starring: Stan Freberg
“The Silence” - Starring: Chris McDonald
volume 4 - item #5003
“The Dummy” - Starring: Bruno Kirby
“No Time Like the Past” - Starring: Jason Alexander
“Still Valley” - Starring: Adam West
“King 9 Will Not Return” - Starring: Adam Baldwin
“I Am the Night - Color Me Black” - Starring: John Ratzenberger
“The Incredible World of Horace Ford” - Starring: Mike Starr
“One More Pallbearer” - Starring: Chelcie Ross
“The Little People” - Starring: Daniel J. Travanti
“Cavender Is Coming” - Starring: Andrea Evans
“Hocus-Pocus and Frisby” - Starring: Shelley Berman
volume 10 - item #5009
“Miniature” - Starring: Lou Diamond Phillips
“The Jungle” - Starring: Ed Begley, Jr
“The Mighty Casey” - Starring: Paul Dooley
“Ring-A-Ding Girl” - Starring: Sarah Wayne Callies
“Mute” - Starring: Wade Williams
“Black Leather Jackets” - Starring: Marshall Allman
“A Quality of Mercy” - Starring: Robert Knepper
“Where Is Everybody?” - Starring: John Schneider
“A Nice Place to Visit” - Starring: Hal Sparks
“In His Image” - Starring: John Heard
volume 5 - item #5004
“The Living Doll” - Starring: Tim Kazurinsky
“Big Tall Wish” - Starring: Blair Underwood
“The Fever” - Starring: Stacy Keach & Kathy Garver
“The Last Night of a Jockey” - Starring: Bruno Kirby
“A Thing About Machines” - Starring: Mike Starrng
“Mirror Image” - Starring: Morgan Brittany and Frank John Hughes
“The 7th Is Made Up of Phantoms” - Starring: Richard Grieco
“The Long Morrow” - Starring: Kathy Garver
“Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up” - Starring: Richard Kind
“The Trade Ins” - Starring: H.M. Wynant & Peggy Webber
volume 11 - item #5010
“Nightmare at 20,000 Feet” - Starring: John Schneider
“Elegy” - Starring: Blair Underwood
“The Last Rites of Jeff Myrtlebank” - Starring: Robert Knepper
“Spur of the Moment” - Starring: Sarah Wayne Callies
“He's Allive” - Starring: Marshall Allman
“Long Distnace Call” - Starring: Hal Sparks
“The Gift” - Starring: Danny Goldring
“Gentlemen, Be Seated” - Starring: Stan Freberg
“You Drive” - Starring: John Heard
“In Praise of Pip” - Starring: Fred Willard
volume 6 - item #5005
“Time Enough At Last” - Starring: Tim Kazurinsky
“A Passage For Trumpet” - Starring: Mike Starr
“I Shot An Arrow Into the Air” - Starring: Chelcie Ross
“The Brain Center At Whipple's” - Starring: Stan Freberg
“The Grave” - Starring: Michael Rooker
“The Hitch-Hiker” - Starring: Kate Jackson
“Mr. Denton On Doomsday” - Starring: Adam Baldwin
“Sounds and Silences” - Starring: Richard Kind
“The Odyssey of Flight 33” - Starring: Daniel J. Travanti
“The Changing of the Guard” - Starring: Orson Bean
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