volume 1 - item #5000
“a kind of stopwatch” - starring: lou diamond phillips
“the lateness of the hour" - starring: jane seymour and james keach
“the thirty - fathom grave” - starring: blair underwood
“the man in the bottle” - starring: ed begley, jr.
“night of the meek” - starring: chris mcdonald
“the after hours” - starring: kim fields
“mr. dingle, the strong” - starring: tim kazurinsky
“a stop at willoughby” - starring: chelcie ross
“the lonely” - starring: mike starr
“of late i think of cliffordville” - starring: h. m. wynant
volume 7 - item #5006
“five characters in search of an exit” - starring: jason alexander
“the arrival” - starring: blair underwood
“queen of the nile” - starring: kate jackson
“i dream of genie” - starring: hal sparks
“it's a good life” - starring: mike starr
“the masks” - starring: stan freberg
“mr. bevis” - starring: bruno kirby
“showdown with rance mcgrew” - starring: chris mcdonald
“the old man in the cave” - starring: adam baldwin
“ninety years without slumbering” - starring: bill erwin
volume 2 - item #5001
"the obsolete man" - starring: jason alexander
“the bard" - starring: john ratzenberger & stacy keach
“back there” - starring: jim caviezel
“a short drink from a certain fountain” - starring: adam west
“nervous man in a four dollar room” - starring: adam baldwin
“the monsters are due on maple street” - starring: frank john hughes
“mr. garrity and the graves” - starring: chris mcdonald
“escape clause” - starring: mike starr
“four o'clock” - starring: stan freberg
“uncle simon” - starring: peter mark richman & beverly garland
volume 8 - item #5007
“the howling man” - starring: fred willard
“caesar and me” - starring: jason alexander
“the self improvement of salvadore ross” - starring: luke perry
“time element” - starring: bobby slayton
“the mind and the matter” - starring: hal sparks
“people are alike all over” - starring: blair underwood
“what you need” - starring: bruno kirby & bruce kirby
“dead man's shoes” - starring: bill smitrovich
“what's in the box” - starring: mike starr
“death's head revisited” - starring: h. m. wynant
volume 3 - item #5002
“the fear” - starring: jane seymour & james keach
“the parallel” - starring: lou diamond phillips
“a hundred yards over the rim” - starring: jim caviezel
“one for the angels” - starring: ed begley, jr
“the midnight sun” - starring: kim fields
“the rip van winkle caper” - starring: tim kazurinsky
“a most unusual camera” - starring: mike starrr
“twenty two” - starring: andrea evans
“walking distance” - starring: chelcie ross
“the passersby” - starring: morgan brittany
volume 9 - item #5008
“to serve man” - starring: blair underwood
“a world of difference” - starring: luke perry
“from agnes with love” - starring: ed begley, jr
“perchance to dream” - starring: fred willard
“the purple testament” - starring: michael rooker
“printer's devil” - starring: bobby slayton
“dust” - starring: bill smitrovich
“jeopardy room” - starring: yasen peyankov
“the fugitive” - starring: stan freberg
“the silence” - starring: chris mcdonald
volume 4 - item #5003
“the dummy” - starring: bruno kirby
“no time like the past” - starring: jason alexander
“still valley” - starring: adam west
“king 9 will not return” - starring: adam baldwin
“i am the night - color me black” - starring: john ratzenberger
“the incredible world of horace ford” - starring: mike starr
“one more pallbearer” - starring: chelcie ross
“the little people” - starring: daniel j. travanti
“cavender is coming” - starring: andrea evans
“hocus-pocus and frisby” - starring: shelley berman
volume 10 - item #5009
“miniature” - starring: lou diamond phillips
“the jungle” - starring: ed begley, jr
“the mighty casey” - starring: paul dooley
“ring-a-ding girl” - starring: sarah wayne callies
“mute” - starring: wade williams
“black leather jackets” - starring: marshall allman
“a quality of mercy” - starring: robert knepper
“where is everybody?” - starring: john schneider
“a nice place to visit” - starring: hal sparks
“in his image” - starring: john heard
volume 5 - item #5004
“the living doll” - starring: tim kazurinsky
“big tall wish” - starring: blair underwood
“the fever” - starring: stacy keach & kathy garver
“the last night of a jockey” - starring: bruno kirby
“a thing about machines” - starring: mike starrng
“mirror image” - starring: morgan brittany and frank john hughes
“the 7th is made up of phantoms” - starring: richard grieco
“the long morrow” - starring: kathy garver
“will the real martian please stand up” - starring: richard kind
“the trade ins” - starring: h.m. wynant & peggy webber
volume 11 - item #5010
“nightmare at 20,000 feet” - starring: john schneider
“elegy” - starring: blair underwood
“the last rites of jeff myrtlebank” - starring: robert knepper
“spur of the moment” - starring: sarah wayne callies
“he's allive” - starring: marshall allman
“long distnace call” - starring: hal sparks
“the gift” - starring: danny goldring
“gentlemen, be seated” - starring: stan freberg
“you drive” - starring: john heard
“in praise of pip” - starring: fred willard
volume 6 - item #5005
“time enough at last” - starring: tim kazurinsky
“a passage for trumpet” - starring: mike starr
“i shot an arrow into the air” - starring: chelcie ross
“the brain center at whipple's” - starring: stan freberg
“the grave” - starring: michael rooker
“the hitch-hiker” - starring: kate jackson
“mr. denton on doomsday” - starring: adam baldwin
“sounds and silences” - starring: richard kind
“the odyssey of flight 33” - starring: daniel j. travanti
“the changing of the guard” - starring: orson bean
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